Comic Book Creator

For over 12 years, Buddy Scalera has worked in and around comic books as a writer, publisher, and entrepreneur.

He is the founder and chief educator of the website Comic Book School.

Scalera is best known in the industry for his popular work on Deadpool (Marvel Comics) with his friend Jimmy Palmiotti. Later, Scalera went on to write other comics including Agent X and other Marvel Comics titles. He's written many popular independent comics, including several that he has self-published.

Most recently, he has been writing the all-ages comic Richie Rich for Ape Entertainment.

Prior to that, he served as Wizard Entertainment's first online editor, creating the popular Wizard World network of websites. During his tenure, the award-winning site was home to one of the largest and most active comic book communities online.

In 1999, Scalera created After Hours Press with his friend Darren Sanchez. Together they've released many critically acclaimed comic books including 7 Days to Fame, Necrotic, Foxwood Falcons, Model Operandi, Desperate Times, Celestial Alliance, and more. The team continues to release high-quality titles, some of which have already been optioned in Hollywood.

Currently, Scalera publishes photo reference for comic book artists. His wildly popular CD-ROMs Visual Reference for Comic Artists have been continuously in print since 2001. His three-book series Comic Artist's Photo Reference by F+W's IMPACT Books is a favorite among professional comic book artists.