Content Strategy and Marketing

For over 26 years, Buddy Scalera has been creating awesome content. Seriously, awesome.

From his early training as a journalist to his current role as a content marketer, Buddy has conceptualized and created stories that stimulate and motivate. Buddy works with clients to deliver measureable performance for creative marketing campaigns.

Messaging takes many forms, so Buddy works with clients to create channel-agnostic content that adapts to the needs of the users. Whenever possible, Buddy plans long-term content strategies that deliver measurable impact at any budget. This approach usually means content is created once and then amortize across multiple platforms.

Fortunately, Buddy has extensive experience creating cross-platform content. He has written everything from print pieces to videos to interactive experiences. The mediums change, but the principals remain the same.


Buddy Scalera Discusses Healthcare Content Strategy from Zemoga on Vimeo.

Tell a clear story that articulates the brand's value to the target users. Build trust by speaking in a language that is relevant and appropriate to the audience and gives them accurate information about the brand. Do these things, and your content marketing campaign is moving in the right direction. Include an analytics plan that measures key performance indicators, so you can optimize the campaign and maximize your impact.

Talk to Buddy about how he would deliver your message across platforms, using modern content marketing tactics.