Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is deceptively simple. Just take your website, strip out the Flash content, and your site is mobile ready, right?

Uhm, wrong. That kind of approach just shows how little you know abou the needs of your users. It's not just about screen size either.

Mobile marketing is all about how you provide the kind of content your users need when they are on the go. They need access to critical information that supports your brand, not just a reformatted Flash video.

Buddy Scalera loves the challenge of mobile marketing as part of a comprehensive content strategy, since it is a channel evolving in real time. Each new device and operating system represents a new and exciting way of delivering exactly what users need, when and where they need it. That means we create channel agnostic content that's ready to be consumed on desktops, laptops, iPads, iPods, Kindles, Androids, and everything in between.

At the agency, Buddy has participated in many mobile projects, both as a creative writer and as a content strategist. He fully understands how to plan, write, and govern interactive content for mobile browser-based interactions and iOS apps.

Planning a campaign for devices that don't yet exist may be intimidating to some marketers. But Buddy loves gadgets, so feel free to ask him about branding and communications opportunities on the newest tech toys.